Alzheimer Related Disabilities

Alzheimer Related Disabilities

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Alzheimer-Related Disabilities

Ellen is a 64-year-old Chinese American, who has recently been diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer's type. She has been working steadily as a secretary but recently due to the disease has found it harder to perform her duties. She has worked for 34 years. She has recently become widowed and has two adult kids who live in the same area as her. But they rarely agree on how to provide care for her. Ellen has asked her children to help her navigate her decision to retire. Based on the above scenario, create a 5-page report in a Microsoft Word document that describe the issues that Ellen and her children need to address regarding: Ellen's retirement Ellen's future health care plans Ellen's housing Ellen's financial situation Ellen's...

Alzheimer Related

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Alzheimer Related Disabilities

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Excerpt from file: AlzheimerRelatedDisabilities Ellenisa64yearoldChineseAmerican,whohasrecentlybeendiagnosedwithdementiaofthe Alzheimer'stype.Shehasbeenworkingsteadilyasasecretarybutrecentlyduetothediseasehas foundithardertoperformherduties.Shehasworkedfor34years.Shehasrecentlybecome

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