the principle of effective stress

the principle of effective stress

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Course Title: Date: Students Name: Article Title: The Principle of Effective Stress Citation: Bishop, A. W. (1959). The principle of effective stress. Teknisk Ukeblad, Vol. 16, No. 39, pp. 1-5. Purpose: the article relates stress to the history that led to its development and how the knowledge derived from the history applies to soil mechanics. This article is of benevolence to civil engineering practices. Summary: the article describes the principle of effective stress as it relates to the historical events that led to its development. The article then through theoretical reasoning try to explain the hypothesis that there is no influence on effective stress caused by the area of contact between the soil particles. Some laboratory methods are done in the laboratory...

the principle

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the principle of effective stress

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Excerpt from file: CourseTitle: Date: StudentsName: ArticleTitle:ThePrincipleofEffectiveStress Citation:Bishop,A.W.(1959).Theprincipleofeffectivestress.TekniskUkeblad,Vol.16,No.39, pp.15. Purpose:thearticlerelatesstresstothehistorythatledtoitsdevelopmentandhowthe

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