Syphilis in (1)

Syphilis in (1)

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Syphilis in Miami, Florida Students Name Professors Name Course Title Date

Introduction In the past years, cases associated with syphilis have almost doubled causing concern and speculation about the increase. This is according to research carried out in 2006 that showed 8.4 situations in every 100,000 persons. However, this has gradually escalated to a double stand of 16 instances for each 100,000 persons in 2013. The head of clinical program for the adolescent medicine division at the school of medicine in Miami University, Alex Moreno, confirms that the current increase in STDs is a worrying and a trend that is largely not seen. Health institutions are working to provide incentives, education, and reminders to people who are sexually active that being...

Syphilis in

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Syphilis in  (1)

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:SYPHILISINMIAMI,FLORIDA SyphilisinMiami,Florida StudentsName ProfessorsName CourseTitle Date 1 SYPHILISINMIAMI,FLORIDA 2 Introduction Inthepastyears,casesassociatedwithsyphilishavealmostdoubledcausingconcernand

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