Obesity under the legislations

Obesity under the legislations

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Tobacco dependence under legislation Students Name: Institutional Affiliation:

Title Tobacco dependence under the legislation of section 4107 and 4108 The health problem Tobacco use and smoking, in particular, causes many chronic diseases that affect the population and impose challenges to the health-care system. In the US, smoking is a problem that effects both adults especially pregnant women and adolescents. Statistics show that 28% of adolescents in the US currently use tobacco with 22% as smokers (CDC, 2005). As of the adults, about one out of five in the US now smoke leading to annual deaths of 443,000 individuals. Dependency on tobacco imposes a lot of health problems to victims of the circumstance. In patients, it leads to...

Obesity under

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Obesity under the legislations

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:TOBACCODEPENDENCY Tobaccodependenceunderlegislation StudentsName: InstitutionalAffiliation: 1 2 TOBACCODEPENDENCY Title Thehealthproblem Healthypeople2020 Tobaccodependenceunderthelegislationofsection4107 and4108 Tobaccouseandsmoking,inparticular,causesmanychronic

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