5199319 The Tropics in New York

5199319 The Tropics in New York

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The tropics in New York Students Name: Institutional Affiliation:

The poem talks about a citizen from Jamaica residing currently in the busy city of New York. The lifestyle in New York seems different, and this makes him yearn for the other life he used to have in Jamaica as seen from the description of the fruits. The author uses several kinds of fruits to inculcate flashback in what portrays the persona to be recalling his moments of childhood as he grew up in Jamaica. A longing tone describes the laden orchards in a way that makes him wish to soak himself in his heritage. The poem reveals two themes namely sadness, culture clash and loneliness as depicted by the grievousness he uses to express his yearning to get back home. From a different form of reasoning, I...

5199319 The

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5199319 The Tropics in New York

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:THETROPICSINNEWYORK ThetropicsinNewYork StudentsName: InstitutionalAffiliation: 1 THETROPICSINNEWYORK 2 ThepoemtalksaboutacitizenfromJamaicaresidingcurrentlyinthebusycityofNew York.ThelifestyleinNewYorkseemsdifferent,andthismakeshimyearnfortheotherlifehe...

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