ENG 225 Week 2 Discussion 2 - Lighting

ENG 225 Week 2 Discussion 2 - Lighting

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ENG 225 Week 2 Discussion 2 – Lighting

Please view the video Adding Pictures and Video to Discussions and Introductions for guidance on how to integrate multimedia with your response.

Using specific examples from your chosen film, write a post in which you:

• Identify the type of lighting used in the film (traditional three-point, high-key, or low-key) and assess the impact of the lighting used to establish the theme.

o What are the benefits of the style of lighting used? o How did this technique contribute to the theme? o How was the lighting technique suited to the genre of the film? For example, documentary films tend to rely on natural light as a way of creating an overall tone of authenticity.

• Compare how the scene would play if different choices had been made.

You must use at least two outside sources, in any combination of embedded video clips, still photos, or scholarly sources. All sources should be documented in APA style as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center.

It is suggested that you approach this post by focusing your attention on the same film you will write about in this week’s “Genres and Genre Film” assignment.

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ENG 225 Week 2 Discussion 2 - Lighting

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Excerpt from file: Lighting:Transformers:AgeofExtinction TherearedifferenttypesoflightingusedforthefilmTransformers:AgeofExtinction. Theyusedhighkeylightingonbasicallyallthefightingscenes,especiallythesceneswherethe AutobotsareusingammunitiontofighttheDecepticons.Thislightingwasalsousedinmajority...

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