HS 420 Unit 8 Assignment

HS 420 Unit 8 Assignment

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HS 420 Unit 8 Assignment


You are the Vice President of the Dallas/Fort Worth Health and Hospital System. Your system includes 1800 bed-hospital and 30 community-based clinics throughout the metroplex. You and your interdisciplinary team (Quality Improvement, Health Information Management, Pharmacy, and Report/Analytics) are charged with the task of assessing the appropriate clinical, business, and specialty systems applications for the entire hospital system. Provide an assessment for the following applications: administrative, clinical decision support systems, electronic health record and computer-based health record systems, nursing, ancillary service systems, and patient numbering systems at master and enterprise levels.


For each application assessment (1) select the appropriate clinical setting (inpatient and/or outpatient), (2) explain database architecture and design, and (3) decide which components of an e-health delivery system would be appropriate. Your assessments should be a minimum of 6 pages.

HS 420

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HS 420 Unit 8 Assignment

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:ASSESSMENTOFHEALTHCARESYSTEMAPPLICATIONS AssessmentofHealthcareSystemApplications Name Institution Instructor Course Date 1 ASSESSMENTOFHEALTHCARESYSTEMAPPLICATIONS 2 AssessmentofHealthcareSystemApplications Forthe administrative thesuitablesettingfortheinpatientaswellasoutpatient are

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