busn 603 Complete Final Exam

busn 603 Complete Final Exam

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Final Exam BUSN 603: Multiple Choice Questions Set Part 2-8

Jane wants to set up a photo shop. The cost to rent is 150 per week. The variable cost of making one photo is 20 and she can sell it for 50. 1. Jane has to sell 5 photos per week to break even 2. If Jane sells 10 units ,her profits would be 150 dollars

Paul wants to choose one of the two investments opportunities over three possible scenarios. Investment 1 will yield a return of 10000 in scenario1, 2000 in scenario 2 and a negative return of 5000 in scenario 3. Investment 2 will yield a return of 6000 in scenario 1,4000 in scenario 2 and zero in scenario 3. The probability 1 is 0.2,for scenario 2 is 0.3 and for scenario...

busn 603

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busn 603 Complete Final Exam

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Excerpt from file: FinalExam BUSN603:MultipleChoiceQuestionsSetPart28 Janewantstosetupaphotoshop.Thecosttorentis150perweek.Thevariablecostof makingonephotois20andshecansellitfor50. 1. Janehastosell___5___photosperweektobreakeven 2....

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