265906 91373 1 TM C Different Worldviews Analysis

265906 91373 1 TM C Different Worldviews Analysis

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Differing Worldviews Analysis Worldviews are the beliefs and assumptions of culture and it can be helpful to eliminate the negative role of administrators, health care providers and patients. The illustration is related with ontological and epistemological perspectives or worldviews. The beliefs and values of patients and health care providers are differing and can result in biasness in providing services to patients and may bring in prejudice and stereotypes in health care providers (Tilburt, 2010). One example of worldviews is that immigration population has a high rate of tuberculosis and they believe this is due to supernatural origin and because of that they do not go for early diagnosis so understanding the worldviews of that group is very important. The worldviews are the part of...

265906 91373

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265906 91373 1 TM C Different Worldviews Analysis

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Excerpt from file: DIFFRING WORLDVIEWS ANALYSIS 1 DifferingWorldviewsAnalysis Worldviewsarethebeliefsandassumptionsofcultureanditcanbehelpfultoeliminatethe negativeroleofadministrators,healthcareprovidersandpatients.Theillustrationisrelated

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