PCN 523 Module 6 DQ 1

PCN 523 Module 6 DQ 1

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PCN 523 Module 6 DQ 1

Topic: Career Counseling, Organizational and Intelligence Testing

Often, one of the first tasks in career counseling is determining client interests. Instead of simply asking clients what kind of work they are interested in, career interest inventories can be hundreds of questions long. What do the major career interest inventories test for? How are they used? Discuss some of the common scales, and suggest how they might be used in career counseling with high school students.

PCN 523

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PCN 523 Module 6 DQ 1

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Excerpt from file: Module6DQ1 Often,oneofthefirsttasksincareercounselingisdeterminingclientinterests.Insteadof simplyaskingclientswhatkindofworktheyareinterestedin,careerinterestinventories canbehundredsofquestionslong.Whatdothemajorcareerinterestinventoriestestfor?

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