MATH 533 Week 6 Course Project Part B (SALESCALL Inc.)

MATH 533 Week 6 Course Project Part B (SALESCALL Inc.)

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MATH 533 Week 6 Course Project Part B - Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals

a. The average (mean) sales per week exceeds 41.5 per salesperson. b. The true population proportion of salespeople that received online training is less than 55%. c. The average (mean) number of calls made per week by salespeople that had no training is less than 145. d. The average (mean) time per call is greater than 15 minutes. 1. Using the sample data, perform the hypothesis test for each of the above situations in order to see if there is evidence to support your managers belief in each case AD. In each case, use the five-step hypothesis testing procedure, with α = .05, and explain your conclusion in simple terms. Also, be sure to compute the p-value and interpret. 2. Follow this up with computing 95% confidence intervals for each of the variables described in AD and again interpreting these intervals. 3. Write a report to your manager about the results, distilling down the results in a way that would be understandable to someone who does not know statistics. Clear explanations and interpretations are critical.

MATH 533

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MATH 533 Week 6 Course Project Part B (SALESCALL Inc.)

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Excerpt from file: MATH533Week2CourseProjectPartB SALESCALLInc. MATH 533 Applied Managerial Statistics - DeVry HypothesisTesting MATH533CourseProjectPartB Name Instructor Date Inthehypothesistesting,twotypehypothesesaremade,oneiscalledAlternate hypothesisandsecondisnullhypothesis.Whatwouldberesearched,itiscalledAlter

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