PCN 545 Week 6 Devising Safety Plans

PCN 545 Week 6 Devising Safety Plans

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PCN 545 Week 6 Devising Safety Plans

Topic: Assessment of Interpersonal Violence

Directions: Respond to the prompts following each of the scenarios below based on the module readings and any other resources you find helpful. Each response should be 75 to 100 words.

Scenario 1: Jeannine and Robert have been together for five years and have been married for the past three years. They live in an apartment together. There have been a few instances of physical violence from Robert toward Jeannine throughout the relationship, mostly shoving her around and, a couple of times, slapping her, always followed by effusive apology, explaining his actions as stress from his job. Imagine you are Jeannine's counselor and she reveals that Robert has been showing signs of more violence, escalating in verbal threats. A couple of weeks ago, he grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her so violently, she ended up with a sore neck and migraine headache. Last week, he punched her in the ribs a couple of times, resulting in bruising, which she revealed to you. She fears for her safety, though she is not yet ready to move out or leave him. 1. Describe Jeannine's level of lethality:

  1. Devise a safety plan for Jeannine :

  2. Explain why you devised the safety plan the way you did:

Scenario 2: Maria states she met Justin at a party a couple months ago. They have gone out a few times. Justin has never been to Maria's house but she has been to his apartment; client states she usually meets him at a restaurant or club. Maria tells you that the other night, while out with Justin, he became “physically aggressive.” She reports that she woke the next morning at her home with a lack of memory from the night prior. She tells you that she was too ashamed to report it to the police and she wasn’t sure what happened. Imagine you are Maria's counselor and she reveals to you that yesterday Justin became abusive and threatening toward her after she refused his sexual advances. Justin threatened that he would break off their relationship and find someone “more mature” in her attitude toward sex. She is afraid that he will follow through on his threats to break off their relationship. You know from past visits that, although attractive and intelligent, she has self-esteem problems.

  1. Describe Maria's level of lethality.

  2. Devise a safety plan for Maria:

  3. Explain why you devised the safety plan the way you did:

Scenario 3: Arthur and Melissa have been married for seven years but have been separated for the past year. The couple has two small children. They share custody. Imagine Arthur is your client, and, during a session, Arthur reveals that Melissa has recently become physically violent with him, slapping and punching him, but he has been too embarrassed to disclose the abuse. Client states that his wife has never acted this way before and he is afraid that the children may not be safe when left alone with her. Client states he is unsure about how to protect himself and, more so, his children.

  1. Describe Arthur's level of lethality:

  2. Devise a safety plan for Arthur:

  3. Explain why you devised the safety plan the way you did:

PCN 545

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PCN 545 Week 6 Devising Safety Plans

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