sci 207 week 4 dq 1

sci 207 week 4 dq 1

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Climate change is an environmental issue in the news almost daily, and air pollution impacts us on a global level. What are the implications of global warming? Do you think the efforts to improve air quality are worth the economic costs?

Climate and Air Pollution Global warming or what is now known as "Climate Change" has seen an increase in attention from the media and politicians. Turk and Bensel (2011) stated, "Global temperatures have oscillated frequently, rapidly, and dramatically throughout the history of the Earth." In addition, they note that scientists are certain that the current warming trend has been greatly influenced by human industrial activity. There are several implications of global warming, extreme weather such as hurricanes, hotter and wetter extremes, floods and...

sci 207

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sci 207 week 4 dq 1

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Excerpt from file: Climatechangeisanenvironmentalissueinthenewsalmostdaily,andairpollutionimpactsusonagloballevel. Whataretheimplicationsofglobalwarming?Doyouthinktheeffortstoimproveairqualityareworththe economiccosts? ClimateandAirPollution GlobalwarmingorwhatisnowknownasClimateChangehasseenanincreasein...

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