rmo csms marketing subsystem

rmo csms marketing subsystem

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RMO CSMS Marketing Subsystem Student Name Here Strayer University Abstract The purpose of this outline is to demonstrate the relationship between use case scenarios and user/actor interaction through the use of diagram designs and workflow charts within the Consolidated Sales and Marketing System, specifically the marketing subsystem development. The new subsystem development is comprised of identification, validation, and refining the use case. Projects and strategic planning is vital to the new development of subsystem interactions, thus, for this circumstance, the use case diagram design will replicate the proposed subsystems functions and interactions.

Intro- RMO CSMS Marketing Subsystem The organizations (RMO) Consolidated Sales and Marketing System (CSMS) will consist of user...

rmo csms

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rmo csms marketing subsystem

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:RMOCSMSMarketingSubsystem RMOCSMSMarketingSubsystem StudentNameHere StrayerUniversity 1 RMOCSMSMS 2 Abstract Thepurposeofthisoutlineistodemonstratetherelationshipbetweenusecasescenariosand user/actorinteractionthroughtheuseofdiagramdesignsandworkflowchartswithinthe

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