MAT 221 Week 2 Quiz

MAT 221 Week 2 Quiz

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1. Question : The inequality presented in the slideshow,Checking Inequalities,which is located in the media section of Chapter 2, contains which inequality symbol?

Student Answer:

Is greater than or equal to

Is less than or equal to

Is less than

Is greater than

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Question2. Question : Solving the equation of the word problem presented in the Video, Example 88Solve the Application,which is located in the media section of Chapter 2, involves which two steps?

Student Answer:

Distribute, and then combine like terms

Subtract to remove addition, and then divide to remove multiplication

Add to remove subtraction, and then multiply to remove division

Combine like terms, and then subtract to remove addition


MAT 221

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MAT 221 Week 2 Quiz

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Excerpt from file: 1. Question: StudentAnswer: Theinequalitypresentedintheslideshow,Checking Inequalities,whichislocatedinthemediasectionofChapter2, containswhichinequalitysymbol? Isgreaterthanorequalto Islessthanorequalto Islessthan Isgreaterthan PointsReceived: Comments: Question: StudentAnswer: 1of1 ...

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