high price to earnings ratio & npv ques14

high price to earnings ratio & npv ques14

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P/E Ratio Effect

(1) Why do you think some of the stocks had so high P/E ratios?

(2) Given the fact that firms with high P/E ratio firms have more growth opportunities than low P/E ratio firms, if other things remain the same, would you buy high P/E ratio firms or low P/E ratio firms, or are you indifferent?

High Price-to-Earnings Ratio Paper Student's Name Professor's Name Affiliation Date

High Price-to-Earnings Ratio Price-to-Earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is a tool used to assess stock performance. Its importance of is often overstated by most novice investor, who misinterpret results as a clear indication of company success (Staff, 2014). Price-to-Earnings ratio is calculated by diving share per with the earning per share (EPS). As such, a high P/E ratio created by a...

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high price to earnings ratio    & npv ques14

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Excerpt from file: RunningHeader:HIGHPRICETOEARNINGSRATIO 1 P/ERatioEffect (1)WhydoyouthinksomeofthestockshadsohighP/Eratios? (2)GiventhefactthatfirmswithhighP/Eratiofirmshavemoregrowthopportunities thanlowP/Eratiofirms,ifotherthingsremainthesame,wouldyoubuyhighP/Eratio firmsorlowP/Eratiofirms,orareyouindifferent?

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