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Discussion Topic: What steps are today's organizations taking to promote diversity, and are these efforts effective. If you have ever participated in a diversity management training program, what effects did it have on you? In what ways, if any, did your attitudes or behaviors change? If you have never participated in a diversity management program, how do you think you would react to being in one? Do you think you would find it enjoyable? Useful? What challenges to effectiveness, if any, do you suspect you might encounter?

In order to improve diversity, organizations today are taking various steps such as making diversity a part of company policy and ensuring that diversity is not tolerated in the organization, celebrating existing diversity, assigning a person to be in charge...

discussion topi1

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discussion topi1

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Excerpt from file: DiscussionTopic:Whatstepsaretoday'sorganizationstakingtopromotediversity, andaretheseeffortseffective.Ifyouhaveeverparticipatedinadiversity managementtrainingprogram,whateffectsdidithaveonyou?Inwhatways,if any,didyourattitudesorbehaviorschange?Ifyouhaveneverparticipatedina

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