HLT 362V Week 2 Topic 2: DQ

HLT 362V Week 2 Topic 2: DQ

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Q. What problems/limitations could prevent a truly random sampling and how can they be prevented? Ans. Random sampling is sampling from a set of quantifiable characteristics, like household id, time area etc. with or without replacements using some form of random number generator. However we use pseudo-random generators, as any computer generated algorithm (Humans or computers cannot understand random) (George Marsagalia has designed one which requires a run of at least 21430 numbers, before a number would repeating itself) physical randomization devices such as ERINE etc., none of these are purely random. However this is not the problem when we talk of a sample The main problem arises from the design of the survey: Sources of Design Bias: 1. If the surveyor goes to a particular locality...

HLT 362V

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HLT 362V Week 2 Topic 2: DQ

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Excerpt from file: Q.Whatproblems/limitationscouldpreventatrulyrandomsamplingandhowcantheybe prevented? Ans.Randomsamplingissamplingfromasetofquantifiablecharacteristics,likehouseholdid, timeareaetc.withorwithoutreplacementsusingsomeformofrandomnumbergenerator.

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