How would you gauge Peters achievements orientation

How would you gauge Peters achievements orientation

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[Case analysis] [Motivation, Environment and Culture] [Pygmalion or Golem]

[For any organization it is very important to keep its employees motivated, so that they can be as much efficient as they can.]

  1. How would you gauge Peter's achievements orientation? What are some of the needs not being met for Peter Gibbons at Initech? What changes might improve Peter's motivation? Answer: I will be in favour of Peter's orientation. The needs and changes are mentioned below. Motivation: "A funny thing happens when you take the time to educate your employees, pay them well, and treat them as equals. You end up with extremely motivated and enthusiastic people" Kip Tindell Human Resource Management should look after employee's proper recognition and motivation only when the employees are...
How would

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How would you gauge Peters achievements orientation

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Excerpt from file: [CASEANALYSIS] [Motivation,EnvironmentandCulture] [PygmalionorGolem] [Foranyorganizationitisveryimportanttokeepitsemployeesmotivated,sothattheycan beasmuchefficientastheycan.] 1. HowwouldyougaugePetersachievementsorientation?Whataresomeoftheneedsnot

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