FIN 571 Lawrence Sports Simulation UOP

FIN 571 Lawrence Sports Simulation UOP

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FIN 571 Lawrence Sports Simulation


Lawrence Sports is a manufacturing company that gross over $20 million a year that distributes protective gear and equipment to basketball, football, baseball, volleyball. The main customer for the Lawrence Sports company is the world's leading retailer called Mayo Stores. Lawrence Sports purchases most of its materials from two companies, which are Gartner Products and Murray Leather Works. Gartner Products provides 70% of raw materials to Lawrence Sports and Murray specialize in semi-finished leather products for Lawrence sports (Emery, Finnerty, & Stowe 2007). The biggest challenge with this company is to balance the losing capital and raising interest rates. The company has issues with collecting receivables from the three major business partners that are affiliated with, which are Mayo, Gartner, and Murray. Lawrence Sports needs to effectively manage their cash budgets, which allows them to monitor the time required for cash inflows and cash outflows. Additionally, the company has reached their bank loan cap of $1.2 million, and their major retailer Mayo is experiencing issues of their own which has lead them to fall behind on their payments to the company.....


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Create at least three alternative working capital policies that reduce future difficulties. Once you have created at least three alternative policies make a recommendation on which policy Lawrence Sports should use. Your recommendation should include the following:

o An evaluation of the risk associated with the recommendation

o Contingencies for the recommendation

o Performance measures that are used to evaluate your recommendation

o An implementation plan for your recommendation

FIN 571

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FIN 571 Lawrence Sports Simulation UOP

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