sci245 week 6 discussion question 2

sci245 week 6 discussion question 2

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Discussion Question 2: Post your description and responses in the main forum under the DQ 2 thread. Due day 4.

Post your response to the following: What are the major differences between topographic and geologic maps? Refer to Figure on p. 264 of the text. How do you determine the slope of the land surface in this figure? If you consider building a house in a location in this area, what is the best location for your house? Why? Refer to Figure on p. 265 and locate at least three main structural features. Discuss why the Canmore community is established on the northeast side of the map. Answer: To calculate the slope of the land, you would take the change in elevation over a certain distance. The closer the contour lines are together, the higher the slope. The farther the lines...

sci245 week

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sci245 week 6 discussion question 2

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Excerpt from file: DiscussionQuestion2: PostyourdescriptionandresponsesinthemainforumundertheDQ2thread. Dueday4. Postyourresponsetothefollowing:Whatarethemajordifferencesbetween topographicandgeologicmaps?RefertoFigureonp.264ofthetext.Howdoyou

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