com 155 week 4 dq 3

com 155 week 4 dq 3

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This week, the discussions have focused on the importance of word choice and avoiding commonly confused words. Identify three key strategies to ensure you will choose words correctly in the future to improve your writing.

Key strategies which you could use in order to make sure you are avoiding commonly confused words are put a peice of paper or a rule under the line you are reading in order to concentrate on what you are reading, proofread your paper backward one word at a time, and if you are using a computer you should print out a version of your paper with bigger don't and triple spaced. I use all of these strategies even when I am at work. When I am drafting a motion or even drafting a bill, I use a straight edge in order to keep my eyes from wandering. I find this technique helps...

com 155

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com 155   week 4   dq 3

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Excerpt from file: Thisweek,thediscussionshavefocusedontheimportanceofwordchoiceandavoiding commonlyconfusedwords.Identifythreekeystrategiestoensureyouwillchoosewords correctlyinthefuturetoimproveyourwriting. Keystrategieswhichyoucoulduseinordertomakesureyouareavoiding

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