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Chapter 41 shows examples of proper nouns that need to be capitalized. List four examples of capitalized proper nouns from this chapter. Explain your strategy for determining when to use capitalized proper nouns in the future

In the use of capitalization, the general rule is to capitalize the first letter of every sentence, the names of specific people, the names of specific places, the names of specific things, and important words in titles.

Capitalization of the first letter in each new sentence and the first word in a direct quote. My name is Meredith Gaffney and I live in Connecticut.

When identifying names of specific people, places or dates you capitalize the first letter. You do not capitalize general words. My friend, Lisa, has a beautiful singing voice. ("my friend" is not...

com 155

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com 155   week 3   dq 5

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Excerpt from file: Chapter41showsexamplesofpropernounsthatneedtobecapitalized.Listfourexamples ofcapitalizedpropernounsfromthischapter.Explainyourstrategyfordeterminingwhen tousecapitalizedpropernounsinthefuture Intheuseofcapitalization,thegeneralruleistocapitalizethefirstletterofeverysentence,the

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