ba470 entrepreneurship

ba470 entrepreneurship

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Week Assignments Week 1 Discussion "Define Entrepreneur" Assignment "Malincho Case Study" Week 2 Discussion "Essential Entrepreneurial Business Principles" Assignment "Pkolino Case Study" Week 3 Discussion "How a Business Plan is Used" Assignment " Ajay Bam Case Study " Week 4 Discussion "Case Analysis: College Coach" Assignment "Company Research paper" Week 5 Discussion "Importance of a Financial Plan" Assignment "Financial Plan (First Draft)" Week 6 Discussion "Importance of Insurance" Assignment "Financial Plan (Final Draft)" Week 7 Discussion "Social Responsibility" Assignment "Executive Summary" Week 8 Discussion "Review & Reflect" Assignment "Completed Business Plan"

Week 1 "The Power of Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Process"

Discussion "Define Entrepreneur" ...

ba470 entrepreneurship

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ba470 entrepreneurship

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Excerpt from file: BA470Entrepreneurship Week Assignments Discussion"DefineEntrepreneur" Assignment"MalinchoCaseStudy" Discussion"EssentialEntrepreneurialBusiness Principles" Assignment"PkolinoCaseStudy" Discussion"HowaBusinessPlanisUsed" Assignment"AjayBamCaseStudy"

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