MGT 448 Global Rate and Risk

MGT 448 Global Rate and Risk

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MGT 448 Global Rate and Risk


When thinking about doing business global is one thing that most company can not get around is the taxes that they will have to pay. A "tariff is a schedule of duties imposed by a government on imported or in some countries exported goods, a schedule of rates or charges of a business or a public utility (tariff 2012)". This mean that the government or certain countries make you as the seller or the buy pay a charge or a certain rate on items that might come in the country or go out of the country. This is chance for a country to make some extra money off of a business. There is a thing call a nontariff barrier. "Non-Tariff Barriers refer to restrictions that result from prohibitions, conditions, or specific market requirements that make importation or exportation of products difficult and/or costly. NTBs also include unjustified and/or improper application of Non-Tariff Measures such as sanitary and phytosanitary measures and other technical barriers to Trade (


MGT 448

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MGT 448 Global Rate and Risk

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Excerpt from file: RunningHead:GlobalRateandRisk 1 MGT448GlobalRateandRisk Whenthinkingaboutdoingbusinessglobalisonethingthatmost companycannotgetaroundisthetaxesthattheywillhavetopay.Atariffis ascheduleofdutiesimposedbyagovernmentonimportedorinsome countriesexportedgoods,ascheduleofratesorchargesofabusinessora...

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