mkt 421 week 3 dq 3

mkt 421 week 3 dq 3

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What are the steps to developing new products and/or revising established products?If this is one of the questions you've chosen to answer, please "Reply" with your response. Developing a new product can prove most challenging as well as revising established products. The trick isto find optimal channelthat will solicit customer's interest that will attract them enough to buy the services and products thatareoffered.To achieve a positive resultwhen developinga new or revisinganestablished product take a strategicmarketing approach, this will help build a strong customer base thatwill increase revenue.The key factors in marketing strategy are to followa systematic outline that will guidea marketing department tosuccess. First, researchofthe competitor should be conducted....

mkt 421

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mkt 421   week 3   dq 3

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Excerpt from file: Whatarethestepstodevelopingnewproductsand/orrevisingestablishedproducts?Ifthisis oneofthequestionsyouvechosentoanswer,pleaseReplywithyourresponse. Developinganewproductcanprovemostchallengingaswellasrevisingestablished

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