COIT20248 Assignment 2 Website Design and Modelling

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COIT20248 Assignment 2 Website Design and Modelling

The tasks

In the report format used in CQUniversity (refer to the Help section below for a link to the report guide), explain how you would complete the following modelling tasks and website design. The report presentation including the references.

You are to develop the report having each task clearly numbered together with your answer. You are also expected to write an introduction and conclusion for this report. In performing the following tasks, you have to strictly follow all diagramming rules used in the text for this course.

In each task, please feel free to make any assumption necessary for the reader. The explanation of your assumptions can help the reader understand your reasoning and is as important criteria in producing your Website Design and model.

Task 1 Data Flow Diagram Draw one data flow diagram depicting the logical equivalent for the business process description provided (8 marks):

You are assigned the role to develop a new system based on the project case study. Draw a context diagram and a level-0 DFD for it. The Case study given makes reference to suppliers, Sales and Distribution which are the components of a Supply Chain Management System. Students are required to represent minimum of the followings:

1.Purchasing from suppliers based on inventory levels

2.customer sales orders driving scheduling

3.Checking inventory levels

4.Sales customer orders processing

5.Distribution and delivery schedules, returns, and back orders.

6.Generating report at different levels for managers.

Task 2 Level the diagrams to its functional primitives (8 marks):

Level the diagram by using the Level-0 DFD that you provided in Task 1. You are to draw level 1 DFD.

Task 3 (A)To the best of your ability provide the data elements you will need for your data entities for the case study provided. (8 marks): Task 3 (B) Draw CRUD diagram (8 marks):

Identify all the data elements and data entities and Develop an ERD and transform Entity-Relation (ER) Diagram into an equivalent set of well-structured relations for the system based on the project case study

Task 4 Provide website design and architecture you will be using. 18 marks

Students need to work on the case study provided to develop the website design. No Implementation is required ONLY DESIGN. Students can use any tool Such as HTML, Visio, Power point, or Dream weaver to demonstrate the design of Broadway Book Shop. Students can use take some photographs of books to display on the website they are designing.

Task 5 Presentation based on the case study (50 marks):

Students need to present the website design in the designated tutorial/ class time. Students need to specify the advantages and disadvantages of tools they have used to develop the website design. The website design is a prototype. Students are not required to implement the design. No Database connectivity is required. Students can choose some default value for the label and text field they are using in the design. Students should click the photographs of the book they would like to display on the website. Students may use Book photographs/ images from the web but they are required to reference it properly.

COIT20248 Assignment

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COIT20248 Assignment 2  Website Design and Modelling

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