ETHC 445 Principles of Ethics Week 7 Discussions Devry

ETHC 445 Principles of Ethics Week 7 Discussions Devry

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ETHC 445 Principles of Ethics

Week 7

Week 7 Discussion 1

Business Ethics & the Hovercraft Debacle (Graded)

This week, we looked at two more ethical codes—one for the Project Management Institute, and one for Engineers. (Find links to these professional codes in the Week 7 Assignment tab along with the Week 7 readings.)You can see that both of them are much simpler than the Legal code we looked at last week, and even simpler than the Medical code of ethics. Appropriate professional behavior, practice, and discipline varies among professions and reflects the needs and values of the professional society in question

Week 7 Discussion 2

Assemble and Test Your Personal Ethics Statement (Graded)

Please be sure to read the Week Seven Lecture in its entirety before posting to this discussion.

This week we will work on creating your own statement of personal ethics. To get started, read summarizing review of our great and famous ethics and what they have taught us -- found in our lecture this , let's work on creating one for goal for the end of this thread is to have created a personal ethical philosophy and be able to tell your classmates from which philosophies you created it and why the contents are important and meaningful for you. List its precepts. (You will need to do this on the Final Exam.)

After you have assembled and posted your personal ethics statement, responded to what others may have said to you and thought about what you have posted to others, then take your statement and use it to work through the famous case of the Ring of Gyges.

ETHC 445

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ETHC 445 Principles of Ethics Week 7 Discussions Devry

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Excerpt from file: Week 7 Discussion 2 AssembleandTestYourPersonalEthicsStatement(graded) PleasebesuretoreadtheWeekSevenLectureinitsentiretybeforepostingtothisdiscussion. Thisweekwewillworkoncreatingyourownstatementofpersonalethics.


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