Psychology Assignment

Psychology Assignment

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Psychology Assignment

  1. A major safeguard of health, vitality and reduced rates of chronic illness and disability is A) living in the countryside rather than the city B) consuming adequate vitamins C) maintaining social relationships D) high-socioeconomic status

  2. Most elder abuse is committed by A) family members B) social workers C) health care providers D) nursing home workers

  3. A man who is almost 65 years old develops a more passive style of interaction and withdraws from society. Which theory predicts this behavior? A) continuity B) self-actualization C) activity D) disengagement

  4. When Alzheimer disease appears in middle age, it A) is harmless B) progresses more rapidly C) progresses more slowly D) causes death within a year

  5. Jose is starting to suffer the effects of mild presbycusis. His most noticeable symptom is A) having to prepare a list of items needed before going to the store B) not hearing the phone ringing in the next room C) needing reading glasses D) forgetting where he left his keys

  6. Passive euthanasia is legal A) in California B) in Oregon C) only outside of the United States D) everywhere

  7. Which state allows physician-assisted suicide? A) New York B) California C) Oregon D) Illinois

  8. Death typically occurs how long after the first signs of Alzheimer appear? A) 5 to 10 years B) 10 to 15 years C) 15 to 20 years D) 20 to 25 years

  9. Which of the following is a requirement for legal physician-assisted suicide in Oregon? A) The patient is certified terminally ill by a doctor B) The patient is mentally ill C) The family does not object D) The patient must wait 15 days between asking for the prescription and receiving it

  10. Polly describes her youth and earlier adulthood as perfect, having had many wonderful experiences, a loving family, and good friends. She is demonstrating A) the positivity effect B) mild dementia C) continuity theory D) activity theory

  11. What is the first stage a dying individual goes through according to Kübler-Ross? A) depression B) anger C) bargaining D) denial

  12. In the final stage of Alzheimer disease, patients A) may only eat a single food B) may not be able to drive C) no longer talk D) may forget his or her address

  13. The measure of health most important to quality of life is A) mortality B) morbidity C) disability D) vitality

  14. One measure of health is morbidity, which A) is based on death certificates B) is a persons inability to act normally C) includes acute and chronic illnesses D) measures how healthy an individual feels

  15. After losing a spouse, older women typically A) look to remarry B) enjoy their independence, choosing not to remarry C) enjoy their independence and look to marry a younger man D) prefer to cohabitate than remarry

  16. How does the term Apo E4 relate to Alzheimers? A) it is a new promising treatment for the disease B) it is a new law that passed to provide funding for this disease C) it is the name of a gene that is related to the onset of this disease D) it is the name of the brain scan that is used to see if a person has this disease

  17. Dorothy has begun keeping a detailed journal that includes stories of her childhood to early adulthood. She plans to pass her journal down to her grandchildren as a family history and so that they can know more about her early life. Her journal writing is a form of A) confession B) catharsis C) life review D) aesthetics

  18. Two important correlates of vitality are A) personality and social affirmation B) attitude and money C) loving children and the absence of disability D) socioeconomic status and family

  19. The combined total amount of stress and disease with which an individual must cope is known as A) cortisol cargo B) allostatic load C) maturational pressure D) tension burden

  20. Using elderspeak when engaging in conversation with an older adult A) is condescending B) helps the individual comprehend the meaning of the conversation C) aids in hearing all words spoken D) helps establish a rapport between both people

  21. Elderly men may be more troubled by losing a spouse than elderly women because men A) need companionship more B) are less likely to seek out comfort and help C) are more likely to remain alone D) have greater difficulty concealing their grief

  22. One biological reason why women tend to live longer, healthier lives is that A) they tend to socialize and enjoy life more B) they do not have as much stress in their lives C) the second X chromosome or extra estrogen protects them D) they retire earlier than men

  23. The type of basic intelligence that makes learning quick, flexible and thorough is referred to as____________ intelligence. A) fluid B) crystallized C) practical D) creative

  24. Manual and Rosa have been married for nearly 30 years. Their youngest child left home six months ago. The quality of their marriage should A) remain constant, no different than earlier years B) worsen since there are no children to act as buffers C) be negative because they have grown apart over the years D) improve since they have more time to be together

  25. Continuity theory would argue that the reaction of a 70 year old to the news that he has diabetes and must dramatically change his lifestyle is best predicted by the patients A) intelligence test scores B) religious background C) past coping patterns D) diagnosis

  26. In the United States today, the social clock A) allows for greater diversity than in the past B) no longer operates C) is very specific about the best times for marriage and parenthood D) affects only people in low socioeconomic status

  27. Estelles husband was flying in a small plane when it supposedly crashed in a heavily wooded mountainside. His body was never recovered. Most likely, Estelle experienced A) mourning B) disenfranchised grief C) absent grief D) incomplete grief

  28. A researcher is compiling data on the incidence of all types of diseases. This data reflects A) mortality B) morbidity C) disability D) vitality

  29. Isaac has been experiencing job-related stress due to threat of layoffs and downsizing. Rather than seeking out a new job, Isaac reminds himself about the valuable contributions he has made to the company for many years and tries to remain optimistic. He is coping with his stressors with A) a solution-based approach B) a problem-focused approach C) an emotion-focused approach D) an outcome-focused approach

  30. Throughout the world, there are more old women than old men because A) men do not cope with stress as well as women B) more younger males die than females C) men are more likely to die from a heart attack or cancer than women D) women have more social support than men

  31. Sandras mother is concerned about Sandras lack of interest in marrying and having children. She told Sandra, When I was your age, I had already found a good husband and settled down. Sandra and her mother have different A) social clocks B) coping styles C) developmental stages D) burnout levels

  32. According to Kübler-Rosss stages of dying, after a person experiences denial they will engage in A) anger B) bargaining C) depression D) acceptance

  33. The notion of the sandwich generation A) is not very accurate B) accurately conveys the financial hardship adults often experience taking care of elderly parents C) correctly describes the reality of many adult lives D) is commonly seen in most cultures around the world

  34. Evelyn, a mother of two, has been divorced for six years and would like to remarry. Most likely, she will marry a man who A) has children from a previous marriage B) has no children C) has never been married D) has been married multiple times

  35. What is the last stage a dying individual goes through according to Kübler-Ross? A) depression B) acceptance C) bargaining D) denial

  36. An example of active euthanasia is A) a patients refusal to eat B) injecting lethal drugs C) withholding painkilling drugs D) not using a respirator

  37. The first visible signs of senescense may be observed in the A) eyes B) posture C) gait D) skin

  38. The selective optimization with compensation model is based on the idea that older adults fare better when they A) ignore as much as possible their increasing limitations B) use technology to broaden and increase their daily activities and efforts C) develop positive and creative coping strategies to deal with their limitations D) limit the scope of their social networks and concentrate on only a few friendships

  39. Which is most costly and expensive to society? A) vitality B) disability C) mortality D) morbidity

  40. Laura has just entered a hospice. She can expect A) to take part in new medical techniques and surgeries B) pain medication C) artificial life-support systems D) restricted visits from friends and family

Psychology Assignment

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 Psychology Assignment

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