UNV 103 Week 6 Module 6 Journal Entry Priorities

UNV 103 Week 6 Module 6 Journal Entry Priorities

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UNV 103 Week 6 Module 6 Journal Entry: Priorities


Topic: Developing your Goals and Writing Skills

Throughout this course, you will be asked to reflect on various topics in journal entries. Your Module 6 entry will be about Priorities. The purpose of writing the journals is to provide you with an informal way of learning to express yourself and communicate through writing. Your writing skills will be developed throughout your program of study.

Required Materials:

Microsoft Word


Reflect on the topic of Priorities by answering the following questions in your reflection:

1.What major personal, professional, or academic obstacles do you have to overcome to make school a priority? What are some ways you might work around these challenges?

2.How do you decide your priorities? Describe step by step.

3.What are some strategies that you can utilize to prioritize school? How will prioritizing your academic responsibilities contribute to your college success?

4.Reflect on the overall learning objectives from this module. What was a key takeaway for you?

UNV 103

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UNV 103 Week 6 Module 6 Journal Entry   Priorities

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Excerpt from file: Name Module6Journal Date Instructor Journal6,Prioritizing TheonlymajorobstaclesIfaceinmyprofessional,personalandeducationalgoalsis prioritizing.Whichhappenstobeaconstantworkinprogress.AsaWorkingAdult,Wife, Mother,ProgramManagerandSupportSystemforWomeninRecovery;Ihaveagreatdealof...

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