UNV 104 Week 1 Class Wall Biography

UNV 104 Week 1 Class Wall Biography

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UNV 104 Week 1 Assignment 1: Class Wall Biography

Topic: Information Literacy: Getting Started

Getting to know other students in your class is important in creating the online community at GCU. The Class Wall is a place for students to network and get to know one another. Your first post to the Class Wall will be a short biography to introduce yourself to your fellow students.

Access the "Sample Bio" and "Biography Outline" documents and use them as resources to help you organize some facts about yourself. Use your completed outline to write a biography formatted in a similar fashion as the sample biography.

Once other students have posted their bios, go back to the Class Wall and read them, and also your instructor's bio.

UNV 104

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UNV 104 Week 1 Class Wall Biography

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Excerpt from file: Hello Classmates, My name is ABC. I was born in Killeen Texas, where my Father was stationed in the Military. We spent the first five years in Germany and my family traveled until my Father retired in Tacoma, Washington. After High School, I entered the University of Washington in 1978; completed two

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