PSY 380 Week 8 Homework 8 [Chapter 15 Review]

PSY 380 Week 8 Homework 8 [Chapter 15 Review]

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PSY 380 Week 8 Homework 8 [Chapter 15 Review]

Topic: Nonparametric Test and Categorical Data Analysis

Complete problems 11, 14, 15, and 17 from chapter 15 of the textbook.

Submit the assignment in one of these two forms:

1.Handwritten and scanned, inserted into a single Word document.

2.Typed as a Word document. Necessary drawings can come from Paint or any other appropriate source, but must be inserted in the Word document.

PSY 380

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PSY 380 Week 8 Homework 8 [Chapter 15 Review]

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Excerpt from file: GCU PSY 380 Chapter 15 Homework Problems 11. In the general population, political party affiliation is 30% Republican, 55% Democratic and 15% other. To determine whether this distribution is also found among the elderly, in a sample of 100 senior citizens, we find 18 Republicans, 64 Democrats, and

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