MGT 420 Module 8 DQ 2 McDonald's Core Culture

MGT 420 Module 8 DQ 2 McDonald's Core Culture

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MGT-420 Module 8 DQ 2 - McDonald's Core Culture

Organization Behavior and Management- Organizational Structure, Culture, and Change

Using an organization with which you are familiar, identify its core culture and the elements of its observable culture as defined by Senge.

What do you think would need to be changed in order to facilitate learning?

What role would organizational development play in overcoming resistance to change?

MGT 420

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  MGT 420 Module 8 DQ 2   McDonald's Core Culture

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Excerpt from file: McDonald'scorecultureissystemthinkingwhere"everyonelearnshowthewholeorganization works"(Oke,R.(Ed.).(2011).Alltheemployeescomeinandlearnhowworktheregister,make thefood,andrunthebackwindow.Therearen'tdifferentwaysofthings,everythingissetsothe

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