ACC 205 Financial Statement Analysis

ACC 205 Financial Statement Analysis

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Wal-Mart Analysis

ACC 205 Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Analysis of Wal-Mart


The purpose is to present the financial analysis of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. To analyze the financial position data for the year ended Jan 2012 and Jan 2011 has been used. For this purpose the horizontal and ratio analysis techniques have been used.

Company Overview

WMT is the symbol of Wal-Mart listed in NYSE in 1972. However, it was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton. It is the largest company in the discount variety store sector; it has around more than 8000 stores. Its total revenue stood at 464 billion. The total revenue of the company is around 187 billion more than its three competitors combined sales revenue for the year 2011. The combined sales revenue of Carrefour SA, Costco and Target...

ACC 205

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ACC 205 Financial Statement Analysis

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Excerpt from file: WalMartAnalysis ACC205FinancialStatementAnalysis FinancialAnalysisofWalMart Abstract ThepurposeistopresentthefinancialanalysisofWalMartStoresInc.Toanalyzethefinancial positiondatafortheyearendedJan2012andJan2011hasbeenused.Forthispurposethe horizontalandratioanalysistechniqueshavebeenused.

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