RES 866 week 7, Assignment SPSS Exercise

RES 866 week 7, Assignment SPSS Exercise

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RES-866 week 7, AssignmentSPSS Exercise


Clark and Springer (2007) conducted a qualitative study to examine the perceptions of faculty and students in a nursing program on incivility. In this assignment, you will use SPSS to analyze qualitative data related to this study.

General Requirements:

Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

Access the document, "SPSS Exercise Resource" to complete the assignment.

Download the file "" and open it with SPSS. Use the data to complete the assignment.

View the video "SPSS - Coding and Labeling Variables" available at

View the video "Frequencies and Descriptive Statistics" available...

RES 866

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RES 866 week 7, Assignment SPSS Exercise

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:SPSSEXERCISE 1 GrandCanyonUniversityRES866week7,AssignmentSPSSExercise Details: ClarkandSpringer(2007)conductedaqualitativestudytoexaminetheperceptionsoffaculty andstudentsinanursingprogramonincivility.Inthisassignment,youwilluseSPSSto analyzequalitativedatarelatedtothisstudy.

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