Paper Case Study Nantonia ICT Strategy & Planning

Paper Case Study Nantonia ICT Strategy & Planning

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Paper Case Study Nantonia

Paper Case study Nantonia

ICT Strategy & Planning

Master : ICT in Business

Location : University, Leiden

Course : ICT Strategy & Planning

Assignment : Paper Case study Nantonia

Part 1

The business model:

  1. Partners: Natepco is a subsidiary of Natonia Energy Holdings. Which on their turn have a joint venture with Prime Energy Group and Government of Natonia

  2. Key activities: The key activities of Natepco are exploration and production

  3. Key resources: The key resources of Natepco are sell crude oil to commodity markets and gas (LHG) to power/electricity producers

  4. Value Proposition: crude oil and gas (LHG)

  5. Relationship: Their Brand, retaining customers

  6. Distribution and acquisition channel: Traders,...

Paper Case

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Paper Case Study Nantonia  ICT Strategy & Planning

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Excerpt from file: PaperCaseStudyNantonia PaperCasestudyNantonia ICTStrategy&Planning Master:ICTinBusiness Location:University,Leiden Course:ICTStrategy&Planning Assignment:PaperCasestudyNantonia Part1 Thebusinessmodel: 1.Partners:NatepcoisasubsidiaryofNatoniaEnergyHoldings.Which on their turn have a joint

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