Week 3 Chapter 5 Petries Electronics Case Answers

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Petrie's Electronics Case Questions Solutions (15 Points)

  1. What do you think are the sources of the information Jim and his team collected? How do you think they collected all of that information? (5 points)

It says in the case that Jim and the team collected information through interviews. These interviews would have been with key stakeholders in the company. It also says they collected information from loyal customers identified by the marketing department. Finally, Jim and his team collected information about existing systems.

  1. If you were looking for alternative approaches for Petrie's customer loyalty program, where would you look for information? Where would you start? How would you know when you were done? (5 points)

They could have gotten that information from several...

Week 3

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Week 3 Chapter 5 Petries Electronics Case Answers

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Excerpt from file: Week3Chapter5PetriesElectronicsCaseQuestionsGradingRubric PetriesElectronicsCaseQuestions Solutions(15Points) 1. Whatdoyouthinkarethesources oftheinformationJimandhisteam collected?Howdoyouthinkthey collectedallofthatinformation?(5 points) ItsaysinthecasethatJimandthe

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