Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

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Electronic Health Record


Electronic Health Record

Unit 1 Individual Project

Katrina Hurst


Instructor: Sandy Sanders


Over current years various health care corporations have made the decision to transfer from paper based patient records to computer based patient records. There are several individuals who believe that there are too many safety measures and privacy problems that can be produced with the use of a computer program to maintain medical records. Nonetheless, those individuals who believe in the switch also believe that such a change allows for health care providers to provide more efficient care for their patients in the long run.

Definition and Information Contained Within:

A concise justification in respect of...

Electronic Health

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Electronic Health Record

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Excerpt from file: ElectronicHealthRecord RUNNINGHEAD:ELECTRONICHEALTHRECORD ElectronicHealthRecord Unit1IndividualProject KatrinaHurst HLTH2421102B04 Instructor:SandySanders Introduction: Over current years various health care corporations have made the

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