Lesson 3 Quiz Rio Salado COM 100 Lesson 3 Quiz

Lesson 3 Quiz Rio Salado COM 100 Lesson 3 Quiz

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Question 1

As Sofia is talking with her friends, she notices Jackie is looking at a magazine. Sofia concludes, based on Jackie's nonverbal communication, that Jackie is not interested in what she is saying. Through which step in the DECIDE process did Sofia filter Jackie's nonverbal communication?


Evaluate the receiver and the situation



Question 2

The statement "Nonverbal communication is non-linguistic" means that ________.


nonverbal messages may be interpreted in a variety of ways


The correct answer is:

nonverbal messages do not conform to the patterns of language

Question 3

As Libby entered the library, her friend saw her and raised her finger perpendicular to her lips to indicate to Libby that she needed to remain quiet....

Lesson 3

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Lesson 3 Quiz Rio Salado  COM  100  Lesson 3 Quiz

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Excerpt from file: ;,V ;; /w EPDw UJMTAy Question1 AsSofiaistalkingwithherfriends,shenoticesJackieislookingatamagazine.Sofia concludes,basedonJackie'snonverbalcommunication,thatJackieisnotinterestedinwhat sheissaying.ThroughwhichstepintheDECIDEprocessdidSofiafilterJackie'snonverbal communication? Answer

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