BUS 599 Week 6 M6A2 Capstone Project Company Value

BUS 599 Week 6 M6A2 Capstone Project Company Value

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BUS 599 Week 6 M6A2 Capstone Project Company Value

As Barnes and Noble continues to face various external and internal challenges, the company has an opportunity to reevaluate their position in the market. This includes understanding the value of the company and its potential. The following will perform a qualitative and quantitative analysis on the company's management system, corporate strategy, and financial statements to determine its financial performance and value.

Management System

Barnes and Noble has undergone major changes in its past including changes in management and structure. For example, just recently the company has decided to change its structure once more which would separate the college, Nook, and retail areas (Gigaom, 2015, Par. 3). The end result would be two...

BUS 599

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BUS 599 Week 6 M6A2 Capstone Project Company Value

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Excerpt from file: BUS599Week6M6A2CapstoneProjectCompanyValue AsBarnesandNoblecontinuestofacevariousexternalandinternalchallenges,the companyhasanopportunitytoreevaluatetheirpositioninthemarket.Thisincludes understandingthevalueofthecompanyanditspotential.Thefollowingwillperforma

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