MGT 216 Week 5

MGT 216 Week 5

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MGT 216 Week 5

Individual Assignment

Global Business and Ethics

Resources: Internet; University Library; Business Ethics; Managing Business Ethics; Taking Sides

Choose a historical example of an ethical dilemma that deals with global business.

Use the Internet, the University Library, Business Ethics, Managing Business Ethics, and Taking Sides to research your topic.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following:

o Describe ethical issues that became evident as a result of globalization.

o Compare ethical perceptions across cultures in regards to the situation.

o Determine which risks and consequences were associated with the dilemma.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Team Assignment

The Development of an Ethical Organization

Create a fictitious organization that exemplifies business ethics.

Write a 1200 to 1500 word paper in which your Learning Team explains the organizations ethics programs and overall ethical environment. Address the following in your examination:

o Describe current moral and ethical issues faced by the organization.

o Explain how the fictitious company deals with the relationship between ethics, morality, and social issues in the legal environment.

o Summarize the organizations ethics program based on the code of ethics, training, monitoring, and enforcement.

o Consider the following questions:

Code of Ethics

o Does a formal code of ethics exist?

o What topics are included in the code of ethics?

o How is the code distributed and used?

o Is the code reinforced in reward and decision-making systems?


o Is ethics emphasized to recruits and new employees?

o How are employees and managers oriented to an organizations values?

o Are managers trained in ethical decision-making?

o What ethics training exists for employees?


o How are ethics and integrity measured throughout the organization?

o Are whistle-blowers encouraged? If so, how?

o Does a language exist that allows employees and managers to openly discuss ethical situations?

o What ethical considerations are incorporated into planning and policy-making at the organization?


o How do managers enforce ethics?

o How are ethics enforced by the organization? How is unethical behavior dealt with?

o It is important that you follow usual APA report-writing guidelines in presenting this paper I want to see an introduction that includes the reason for your writing, the body of the report which ties these terms together, and a conclusion which specifically recaps important points.

o The paper must include references for at least three scholarly sources. This may include the textbooks, journal articles from the University Library assigned for the course, or other independently-researched sources.

MGT 216

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MGT 216 Week 5

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Excerpt from file: EthicalOrganizationProfile The Ultimate Deal Company 1 CurrentMoralandEthicalIssues Up until now The Ultimate Deal had accepted their active code of ethics as the status quo, but their code of ethics did not give them adequate information on how to deal with new ethical situations. 2

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