ENGL 216 Week 6 DQ 2

ENGL 216 Week 6 DQ 2

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In this exploration of the final two stages of the writing process, weexamine the value and mechanics of revising and proofreading our documents.

Let's begin by contrasting these two stages. What are someof the differences between revising and proofreading?

What strategies have you learned in this class and in other classes that work well in both of these stages?

Proofreading seems to be one of the least exciting parts of writing a paper. After writing a long essay, paper, or report, the last process you want to do is proofread what you wrote since you feel as if everything you wrote is correct. But proofreading is critical and I agree it is better to look over your document on printed paper. I think it's mainly due to a person missing mistakes trying to read from a computer...

ENGL 216

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ENGL 216 Week 6 DQ 2

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Excerpt from file: Inthisexplorationofthefinaltwostagesofthewritingprocess,weexaminethevalueandmechanicsof revisingandproofreadingourdocuments. Let'sbeginbycontrastingthesetwostages.Whataresomeofthedifferencesbetweenrevisingand proofreading?

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