US 101 Your Daily Routines Then and Now

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University of Phoenix Material

US 101 Your Daily Routines - Then and Now

Use the following form to describe your daily routines before you were a college student versus a typical day's routine now that you are a college student. Using the form as a reference, answer the questions that follow in at least 50 words each.

Daily Routine Form


Before college

After college


Going to church and preparing for school.

Going to church and getting ready for work


School and homework

Work and family responsibilities and school


School and homework

US 101

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US 101 Your Daily Routines  Then and Now

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Excerpt from file: YourDailyRoutinesThenandNow US/101Version8 UniversityofPhoenixMaterial US101YourDailyRoutinesThenandNow Usethefollowingformtodescribeyourdailyroutinesbeforeyouwereacollegestudentversusatypical daysroutinenowthatyouareacollegestudent.Usingtheformasareference,answerthequestions

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