XACC 280 Appendix D

XACC 280 Appendix D

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Appendix D

Adjusting Entries, Posting, and Preparing an Adjusted Trial Balance

Adjusting Entries

Use this General Journal to record adjusting entries on June 30, 2008 for Masasi Company, Inc. The first few lines are completed for you.

Use this General Ledger to post adjusting entries to all 18 ledger accounts for Masasi Company, Inc. The first two accounts are completed for you. Make sure you: a) Fill in the correct information, including account titles and numbers for the remaining accounts; and b) Place a check mark in the reference column, when applicable. You can copy the check mark in the Cash account and paste it when you want to use it.

Use this Trial Balance template to prepare an adjusted trial balance for Masasi Company, Inc. at June 30, 2008. You can place summation formulas at the end of the Debit and Credit columns to compute debit and credit totals. Otherwise, you can compute totals using a calculator, then enter totals directly.

XACC 280

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 XACC 280 Appendix D

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Excerpt from file: AxiaCollegeMaterial AppendixD AdjustingEntries,Posting,andPreparinganAdjustedTrialBalance AdjustingEntries UsethisGeneralJournaltorecordadjustingentriesonJune30,2008forMasasiCompany,Inc.Thefirstfew linesarecompletedforyou. GENERALJOURNAL DATE ACCOUNTTITLEANDEXPLANATION June30 SuppliesExpense

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