LAW 531 Week 3 Recognizing Contract Risk and Opportunities

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LAW 531 Week 3 Recognizing Contract Risk and Opportunities

Individual Assignment: Recognizing Contract Risk and Opportunities Memo

Resources: Contract Creation and Management Simulation

Conduct the Contract Creation and Management simulation, located on your student website.

Identify the legal issues present in the simulation and note the legal principles that apply to each legal issue.

Reflect on the legal principles presented in this weeks readings.

Prepare a memo in which you discuss the legal risks and opportunities that are in the simulation, and complete the following:

Identify what a manager might do to avoid those risks, to minimize liabilities, and to benefit from opportunities. Each legal risk or opportunity is governed by specific principles.

Identify the legal principles and relate specific measures managers might take to minimize legal risk or realize legal opportunities.

Evaluate alternatives to resolve problems identified in the simulation.

Explain which alternative approach you believe is best and explain why.

Write a memo of no more than 1,400 words.

Format your memo consistent with APA guidelines.

LAW 531

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 LAW 531 Week 3 Recognizing Contract Risk and Opportunities

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