XACC 280 Appendix C

XACC 280 Appendix C

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Journalizing the Transactions

Use this template to journalize the transactions for Jane Kent, Inc. The first two lines are completed for you. You might not require all the lines provided

Posting the Accounts

Post the ledger accounts for Jane Kent, Inc. on this General Ledger. The first line of the cash account is completed for you. Complete the remaining lines in the cash account, and the other eight accounts. You have nine accounts altogether

Preparing a Trial Balance

Prepare a trial balance dated May 31, 2008 for Jane Kent, Inc. Debit and Credit totals are double-underlined. You can place summation formulas in F17 and G17 to compute debit and credit totals. Otherwise, you can compute totals using a calculator, then enter totals directly


What is included:  Excel file solution

XACC 280

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 XACC 280 Appendix C

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Excerpt from file: AxiaCollegeMaterial AppendixC Journalizing,Posting,andPreparingaTrialBalance PreparingaTrialBalance PrepareatrialbalancedatedMay31,2008forJaneKent,Inc.DebitandCredittotalsaredoubleunderlined. YoucanplacesummationformulasinF17andG17tocomputedebitandcredittotals.Otherwise,youcan

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