History homework World History and Culture

History homework World History and Culture

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Characterisation of Early Human Civilization

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Characterisation of Early Human Civilization

Civilizations of human started with the development of sedentary way of life and agriculture (Le, 1993). Early civilization was characterised by metal processing, production of food, writing and language development, and division and specialization of labour.

The most important characteristic of civilization is the development of compound forms of organisation, establishment of administrative governments and the state are the most central features of civilization (McKay, 2011). The communities with all those features appeared in different parts of the historic world and they were less or more independent from one another in different periods of time....

History homework

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History homework World History and Culture

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Excerpt from file: Runninghead:CHARACTERISATIONOFEARLYHUMANCIVILIZATION CharacterisationofEarlyHumanCivilization StudentsName ProfessorsName Institution Dates 1 2 CHARACTERISATIONOFEARLYHUMANCIVILIZATION CharacterisationofEarlyHumanCivilization Civilizationsofhumanstartedwiththedevelopmentofsedentarywayoflifeand

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