American History

American History

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Compare and contrast the British, French, and Spanish imperial goals in North America between 1580 and 1763.

It is safe to say that our world wouldn't be nearly the same today, due to the events crammed into the short period of 1580 to 1763, more so than all other eras in history combined. Many races and religions were expanding and looking for new and better ways to live, and a lot of them had the same idea, that the only way they could do that was in the New World. The imperial goals of England, France, and Spain all differed somewhat, but in the end, had the same meaning: to conquer the land that was North America.

The English seperatists were the first people to officially settle in America, therefore not having much competition for anything as far as land, resources, or...

American History

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American History

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Excerpt from file: CompareandcontrasttheBritish,French,andSpanishimperialgoalsinNorthAmericabetween 1580and1763. Itissafetosaythatourworldwouldn'tbenearlythesametoday,duetotheeventscrammedinto theshortperiodof1580to1763,moresothanallothererasinhistorycombined.Manyraces

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