SEI 300 Week 6 Team Assignment Lesson Plan (UOP Course)

SEI 300 Week 6 Team Assignment Lesson Plan (UOP Course)

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Week Six: Final Instructional Unit

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Team E Instructional Unit

Unit: Addition

Grade Level: First Grade

Content Area: Mathematics

State Standard: Benchmarks Next Generation Standards. (Use counting strategies and models as a means for solving basic addition problems).

ELD Standards:

Domain 4: Standard 1: Performance Indicator: , , .

Standard 3: English language learners communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the area of mathematics.

Standard 5:Determine and use appropriate instructional methods and strategies for individuals and groups, using knowledge of first and second language acquisition processes

Engaging students using manipulative and small groups. Clarity checks, Common math terms, Allow plenty of...

SEI 300

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SEI 300 Week 6 Team Assignment Lesson Plan (UOP Course)

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Excerpt from file: WeekSix:FinalInstructionalUnit TeamEInstructionalUnit Unit:Addition GradeLevel:FirstGrade ContentArea:Mathematics StateStandard:BenchmarksNextGenerationStandards.(Usecountingstrategiesandmodelsasa meansforsolvingbasicadditionproblems). ELDStandards: Domain4:Standard1:PerformanceIndicator:,,. ...

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