RES 351 Week 3 LT Reflection Summary 2

RES 351 Week 3 LT Reflection Summary 2

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Week Three Reflection - Team A

RES - 351

Week Three Reflection

There are a number of ways that a manager could find a answer to a question or solve a problem. No matter how the managers come up with answers, they still have to do some research. The purpose of business research is to help managers in the decision making process. Business research mixed with other methods provides information that is flawless to the situation and works. Following business research methods will lead the researcher down a clear path and allows all steps of the research process to run smoothly.

In order to develop an appropriate research question, one should ask themselves some questions like "How well do I know the topic?", "Can the research lead to greater understanding of the topic?", or "Would...

RES 351

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RES 351 Week 3 LT Reflection Summary 2

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Excerpt from file: RunningHead:WeekThreeReflection 1 WeekThreeReflectionTeamA RES351 WeekThreeReflection 2 WeekThreeReflection Thereareanumberofwaysthatamanagercouldfindaanswertoaquestionorsolvea problem.Nomatterhowthemanagerscomeupwithanswers,theystillhavetodosome

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